UN Produces Its First Paper on North Korean Prison Camps

UN Produces Its First Paper on North Korean Prison Camps

U.N. human rights investigators released their first report on conditions in North Korea on Tuesday, September 17th, according to Reuters. Their findings were based on interviews with North Korean exiles, including former prison camp inmates. One woman reports having seen a female prisoner being forced to drown her own baby in a bucket. Starvation, torture, forced murder, and kidnapping are among the atrocities these people have had to face.

North Korean officials are denying the accusations, saying the inquiry was fake and a “political plot” to force regime change. Syria, Belarus, and China were among the countries that defended North Korea in this international debate. Despite its claim of innocence, North Korea has denied investigators access to the country, regardless of their repeated requests and evidence of human rights violations.

North Korea is not a member of the International Criminal Court, so it is unclear what kind of prosecution can be pursued. One option is for the U.N. Security Council to ask the Hague-based court to investigate the alleged abuses. Another option is for the US and other major powers to stop any monetary interactions with North Korea. To support this change in legislature, visit www.nkfreedom.org/News/H-R-1771.aspxand write to your members of Congress.

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  1. James Robinson says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention–I’m very concerned by what’s going on in North Korea and feel strongly that much more pressure should be brought to bear on the situation. I’m writing to my representatives today.

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