Le Quoc Quan and others Arrested for Human Rights Work

Le Quoc Quan and others Arrested for Human Rights Work

A Vietnamese human rights activist who uses his blog to expose government abuses, Le Quoc Quan, has been sentenced with a $59,000 fine and time in prison, reports BBC news in an article released shortly after his trial. Officially, Le Quoc Quan was arrested for corporate income tax evasion, but he has resolutely claimed innocence of these charges.

Originally detained in 2007, when he returned from a trip to Washington, DC, Quan faced physical assault by people believed to be government officials, threats towards his entire family from authorities, and violations of his own human rights. His case has been under close scrutiny from the United States, and some believe his sentence was meant to be lenient enough to appease the US, while still putting him behind bars.

Le Quoc Quan is not the only blogger who has undergone similar hardships. Three others who were writing about material the government did not like were sentenced in September of 2012 to between four and twelve years in jail for their actions.

To support these four human rights activists by signing a petition for their release, click here. To write to Sen. John McCain, who has close ties with Hanoi, and pressure him to call for Le Quoc Quan’s release, click here.

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